Friday, September 2, 2016

Moving the Kitchen Trash Basket

For many, many years, I've placed my kitchen trash basket under the sink on the right hand side of the cabinet. I've gotten to the point where I can reach inside the cabinet door and place the trash without thinking. Definitely without looking. It was so easy and fast. Open the cabinet door and zap the trash was disposed.

Then I had a drip under my sink and I needed to move the trash basket.

I moved it to the left side of the space under the sink.

That's when my new awareness program began.

What I discovered is that the best way to create a mindfulness practice is to move the kitchen trash basket.

All of a sudden, when I mindlessly opened the cabinet door to dispose of the trash, the trash basket wasn't there. It had moved and every time I had to stop and think where I had moved it. It wasn't that far. Just about two feet, but that two feet was wider than my memory.

After the first three frustrating times, I realized that this practice of moving the kitchen trash basket was the best thing I could have done to revive my awareness practice. I didn't have to pay to go on a weekend retreat to remember how many minutes each day I spend in habits that I have dropped my awareness.

After a couple of days, I was back into being present to the 'present moment' and back up and running with full awareness.

Thank you drip under the sink and thank you relocated trash basket.

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